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Vitalistic Model of Care

  Many chiropractic offices operate on a "fee for service" model. Our office focuses on a vitalistic model that empowers families by offering fair and affordable rates and rewards them for being an active participant in their health. 

We offer chiropractic care at a great rate, of $45 per visit, but through our program, an entire family can receive regular care at an affordable price, starting their journey to a higher quality of life. 

Children and non-pregnant adults start at Empowered Chiropractic+ Massage for $180 per month for unlimited chiropractic care for their first 90 days. The only pre-requisite to gain access to our program is attendance at one of two Wellness Orientations within the first month of care.  Additional immediate family members may join the program for $115 per month at any time. 

Our clients get seen more often for the first 90 days to remove subluxation, retrain the body, and help their body function better. When clients continue their care past the initial 90 days, they’re less likely to have flare-ups. When clients complete the first 90 days, and demonstrate improvement of spinal function at the progressive re-examination, clients transition to the $80 per month program for maintenance. Clients can come in every two weeks with the understanding that if they are in need of additional care, they’ll be covered without any extra cost. 

During pregnancy, mom’s experience a lot of change. Empowered Chiropractic + Massage, offers expecting mothers a special program that includes unlimited visits throughout pregnancy and for 6 months after baby’s arrival for $135 per month. Newborns may be added for $115 per month. At the completion of the program, mom and baby are invited to participate in the Empowered Family Maintenance Program. We encourage families to begin care together by offering a special rate for immediate family members living in the same household while a current client is under care. 

Service Fees

We care about you, if you have a financial concern, please talk to us so we can work something out.

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