Empowered Pregnancy

As parents, we are here to tell you that if there is any time in your life, that it is critical for you to take care of your nervous system, then pregnancy is that time. 

People conceive, and have children every day, but how often do we talk about the important details that involve the process of two cells, merging and transforming into a living breathing, thriving human being.

From the moment of conception, change is happening; two cells meet, to form a unique combination of traits from mom and dad, but the journey that proceeds is much more complex, and we want to help you along your journey.

Among the more obvious changes, of a growing belly, and altered posture, we also have many physiological and endocrinological changes occurring within to create the ideal environment for your growing baby, all of the changes can result in mom being subluxated. Regular check ups and adjustments will help your body to better adapt to the coming changes. 

In addition to offering chiropractic care, Dr. Erica offers doula services, to support expectant mothers. Her experiences  as a woman and mother, have impacted the way she serves women, and strives to empower them through one of the most sacred experiences of their life. As a trained doula, she provides emotional, physical, and educational support to expecting families, and women in labor. She wants you to be empowered, in every decision you make.